I think that my sister is a man

Everyboy sees her as a princess all delicate and so feminin. The more I spend time with her the more I think she has hidden her real self even to me.
First she does not put her socks away. I mean I find them in the most odd places. Sometimes they look like she has tuck them there and sometimes they are obnoxiously laying on the coffee table.
But this morning I found out something worse: She reads the news papers while taking her breakfast. I mean she was eating her toast and reading international news (with no socks on of course).
I think she is a man deep inside.

Something else.
Internet is a blessing.
I need it for my spiritual health. I love to spend time reading other’s blog. I always find something to ponder about for the day or more. I love how I read other point of view that force me to stretch my vision of the world and force me to be more humble in he way I see my good choices. I only need the scriptures and a daily communication with God to keep myself nurtured spiritually. But I need you all to stay fit. To me internet is a tool to be uplifted and to uplift others as we are supposed to do according to what we were taught from the BoM. I think it is more important to go to church for several reasons that I am not going to explain here. But I think that internet can be a real wonderful blessing.
I know this sound odd or like my gratitude is missplaced but I really don’t think. As I have said in my talk: internet is what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for evil then it is. If you’re looking for anything good you’ll find it and then this tool will be good as well.

2 thoughts on “I think that my sister is a man

  1. LOL Wait till you find her reading the paper in the bathroom. Then, you’ll be POSITIVE she’s a man.

    I agree with you about the internet. I have seen some wonderful things occurring because of the connections people have made on it. Some truly wonderful work is happening through it. Of course, like you say, if you want to find something bad, it’s also quite easily accessible.

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