Food storage

In this new appartment we have a nice closet with shelves that enables us to actually have food storage. I think I am going to use a part of the money my mother gave me so as to buy more food faster because I really don’t trust futur.

Our banks are a little more solid than american banks. I say “a little” because they say “a lot” on TV. Oh wait….some have started to say that we are stronger but not that much stronger. this is funny. Like we would trust you when you say that we should not worry. I am not really worried. I just want to be prepared.

Anyway yesterday someone talked about the “Tchernobyl syndrome”. Let me explain it to you so you can laugh with me. When the explosion occured the governement had the weather people telling to us that the cloud had stoped and the German French border. First this is hilarrious to make such a statement. Can you imagine the cloud waiting at the border because it has no visa? But the most hilarious is that the journalists BELIEVED IT and did pass on the information on TV. We’re so glad to know that clouds are mindfull of our laws! The people who got sick are even happier.

Anyway this guy on TV yesterday talked about the “Tchernobyl syndrom” saying that so far we are stronger but we can’t know how much and for how long. AMEN!

All around us other banks are following the american path and I want to believe our banks made smarter choices but how much can I trust my wish?

I think that my sister and I have a month worth of food storage for really basic needs. I want to buy things to purify water rather than buying litters of water. First I don’t drink this kind of water usually, second it is taking too much space. Does anyone know who to purify water with with a small amount of chlorine?

Oh and if you’re interested by this kind of info: soya milk can be stored for a full year. You need to drink it fast after opening but as long as it is sealed you can keep it for food storage. I have tried to make mashed potatoes yesterday with it and it worked great. I am going to try to make crêpes and will let you know.

1 thought on “Food storage

  1. Here’s a website that talks about how to purify water:
    That’s great that you now have a little extra storage space for food. I wish I had a bit more space. We’ve got a 2-car garage, but I guess that’s not a good place to store perishables. These times are troublesome–good to be prepared for anaything.
    That’s funny about how they claimed the clouds stopped at the borders. Yeah, sure!

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