Thinking about the spirit

Something just hit me this morning when I was still in bed. It all became as clear as water.
When I was younger I heard/read some authority, I think, who told us to be carefull because if Heavenly Father is mindfull of what we say in our prayers Satan can hear them too.
And when I woke up the way he woks to deceive us through our prayers and the answers we get or we looking for just became obvious.
We may get an answer or not from God. If we do it is very seldomly through an identified mail coming from God telling us step by step what we should do. It is so light and so hard to feel that we can be easily deceived by other “positive” feelings. Yet I want to say that once you have learned how to make the difference between the whispering of the Spirit and somehting else (whatever this may be) it is pretty easy to know you got an answer coming from the right source.
But what about when you get an answer coming from God that leaves room for interpretation? This is when Satan is so cunning and so smart. Because we DID get an answer. It DID come from the Spirit. So why doesn’t it fit in my life? Why is it not going the direction of my testimony?
Let me be more specific.
This sister I told you about who opened to me about how in pain she feels that she is not fnding a husbandis a good example.
One evening, I was having “family home evening” with her and two other girls and she told us how when she was a young member she wanted to get married, but then she did not get married to someone. She prayed about it and she felt an answer that she interpreted as “in three years you’ll be married”.
And of course she is feeling low because the three years are almost over and there is nothing that looks like a husband around her.
See where I am aiming at?
First was it “you will be married at the end of a period of three years”? Or was it “wait three years before you start really looking for a husband”? She strongly felt this three years thing. Good for her. I believe it is what God wanted to tell her but did she understand it right? And was it really from the right source? I want to believe it was. I feel it was. But we can imagine it was not.
What I am saying is that what I have been through has taught me first to identify the source of my answer and also another great and really valuable lesson in my case:
To take time to understand and interpret what I am feeling or being told. If necessary to go back on my knees and pray even more. God will never consider me too dumb if I don’t uderstand it at first or if I am unsure. It is exactly the opposite.
There is no rush. The only important thing, the only point I need to focuse on is to get it plain and right. Because my decision may be the most important in my life.

PS: Tomorrow will be the first day of October. This is getting closer and closer. I am almost done with all the preparations.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about the spirit

  1. “There is no rush. The only important thing, the only point I need to focus on is to get it plain and right. Because my decision may be the most important in my life.”

    Everything else aside, this is profound – deeply profound.

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