This morning

Is a new week. We are done with my sister’s bedroom. I feel I could do the hallway without crying (but I could be wrong because this hallway is going to be a pain) and I understood what bothered me so much about my stake president (he is going to be released at the end of the month). I have “put my finger” on why I feel sorry for him. And I do even more now that I understand why. And I mean really sorry, not “you idiot, I’d rather pity you than hate you”. What I have been through has made me stronger in some ways. Of course the fields I was weak before. It is like, I have becomre strong in my doubts. I used to see doubts like a kind of spiritual cancer that could be caught by unrighteous acquaintances, thoughts or whatever. Now I not only doubts but I also love it.

Talking about something else my sister told me something really cute this past week end and I think there is much to ponder actually on this little thing.
She calls her temple recommend her “V.I.P pass”. So, yesterday she got her interview to get her V.I.P pass. I like it. She is not anybody, she got her temple recommend. This is a V.I.P pass (how do you like it Mikki?). I hope that she calls it this way because she feels this is precious.

Yesterday one of the councellor of the bishop over heard me and some members saying “speach in sacrament meeting”. He pretended to sneak in the conversation saying “what? What? Did I hear “speach in sacrament meeting”?” I wanted to tell him that I don’t mind giving another one but I did not because I just don’t have this kind of reflex anymore.

Yesterday it went great in the nursery. The three little brats were pretty ok. Actually the only boy was absolutely great. He cried as usually and after that he just became the nicest kid on earth. He was so cute and funny and everything. He had plenty of stuff to eat so I asked him if it was ok to share. I don’t want to just share is treats because his mom had put them in it for him but on the other hand I could not let him eat while the other little children would look at him (and you know they would not just look at him). So it began a game between the three to share the treats. What happened is what I expected: they would give each others what they had or what the other had. It did not mean that they did not eat some. But some pieces would go to each child before it would be eaten.
I try not to think about all the germs that they also shared this way ;o)

2 thoughts on “This morning

  1. What’s a few germs among friends? I’m glad you had a good day in the nursery. Hopefully there will be more good ones than bad. I love the VIP pass–instead of very important person, it could mean Very Important Place.
    Well, I suppose you’ll be getting a phone call soon asking you to give a talk. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I haven’t given a talk in my ward yet. I think the bishop is taking pity on my because Jon doesn’t go to church, and I have the twins–works for me! I get so nervous speaking, although I did enjoy teaching Relief Society when I had that calling–I guess you get used to it after a bit.
    Hope you have a great week. Good luck on the hallway when you get to it.

  2. I haven’t been asked to speak in my ward for almost two years, but I’ve spoken there twice and will again in December. I love being on the High Council! *grin*

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