I am bad

I really wat to wear my Gs again. I try not to think about it too much because then it makes me really sad. I try to divert my thought about it by enjoying the fact that I can by regular underwear that are cute. I mean I really enjoy them. You know how important it can be for us women. So I enjoy it while I can and try not to think too much about my Gs (that I have kept safe actually) and what they mean in general and what wearing them again will mean to me now.

Anyway I went shopping a little with my previous bishop’s wife. The one I told you about. I love to see how happier they look. I mean they look even happier than before all this happened. I am so happy for them that their love (maybe I should say his love more specifically) was stronger than their issue. I would have felt crushed if she had not come back to him. Of course he is the kind of man who learns from his mistake also. So it makes things easier ;o)

We had a little fun spoiled by her 5 years old brat adorable little boy. We bought the same lingerie which made us laugh. I mean it was really not expensive and cute. We laughed thinking that we could someday talk about how much “one” could like it. I mean she has someone, I don’t really but I could someday. Then we’ll be able to “discuss” it.

It was either a post like this or a sad post about how much I miss my Gs….what would you have liked better?

4 thoughts on “I am bad

  1. This post was just fine. Much better to laugh and dwell on the light and funny stuff than on the not so happy thoughts. Although, missing your g’s isn’t a bad thing. I think it’s great, hope the year goes fast for you!

  2. Fwiw, if nursing women can wear their “normal” unmentionables (that word is hilarious – I just like to use it) under their garments, why can’t you when you start wearing them again? The temple recommend interview only asks if you wear them – not if you wear something else under them.

    Also fwiw, I HATE the term “underwear” for garments. Sure, they are worn under clothing, and the cultural norm is in lieu of other underwear, but I FAR prefer something like “priestly garments” or just “garments”. Personally, wearing something “normal” under them would highlight their spiritual nature, imo. (I’m not saying those who say they must be the only thing under normal clothes are wrong; I’m just saying even with normal underwear, garments still can be worn “against the skin” – since they will be touching and covering FAR more skin than what is touched and covered by the underwear. I just think there are ways to honor the spirit of the law without violating the technical letter of the law.)

    Just something to consider.

  3. Hold on a second.

    I read on the net that we could wear our bra under but I did not know we could wear the normal ones.

    Two good news in one day. This is more than I can handle.
    Did the 1st presidency found out that wearing something that look like clothes UNDER your underwear is a clear sign of mental disease?
    Beside I totally aggree with you about the respect aspect of it.

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