I actually would like to adopt a child but I know I won’t.

This child would have to meet a specific requirement.

I want to adopte a down syndrom child.


Because I want to adopt a child and because I don’t mind handicaped and because when I was a teenager I saw a documentary about handicaped people and more specifically down syndrom young people. One of them had been pretty much abandonned by her sister (I think their parents were dead but I am not sure) in this home for disabled young adults. She had put her pic on the wal and she was proud to show it to the journalist and talk about the tiny bits of real life that she had experienced. When she talked about her sister the journalist asked her if she saw her sister. She said no. She bowed her head and said that her sister was ashamed of her because she had down syndrom.

I was a teenager but this really hurt me for her. There is nothing I can do for her but I could do something for another child, maybe.

This way not only would this child know that s/he is loved but also that s/he was desired specifically for what people see as reluctant. I want to teach someone for good that what makes her/him being diferent is not a handicape around the right people.

I mean seriously, what is a handicape?

It is something that makes you so obviously out of the norm and not as effective or productive as everyone has decided. What is a good production? I am totally a filthy UMPist (the french equivalent of democrate) and I believe in the survival of the fitest. But I have seen so many people who faked productivity or who, to me, totally endangered humanity through their stupidity and yet were considered “normal” that I have started doubting the notion of “handicape” as I was taught by our society. How many of us have seen people that should never have reproduce? I see it daily at my school. I see children that are so thick that I wonder how they ever learned how to hold a spoon and then I see their parents and I think that the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Compared to them a down syndrom child does not scare me at all and I would be more proud to have such a child than to have one of those moron as an offspring.

There is one person in my ward that I admire concerning mother-children relationship.

She has been a member of the church for 50 years but her children are not members at all. Yet, the way she raised them makes me want to have children. They are physically ok, pretty adverage from a “people magazine” point of view but I see them as beautiful because they look balanced and happy. They’re smart, they are educated, they’re funny, they’re clean and everthing you would expect from good standard LDS. But they’re not LDS.

The thing with members of the church is that they expect the acronyme “LDS” to be like a magic spell to have the best kids. But it is not the label that makes us who we are. And talking about this woman and her children I can see perfectly how the gospel has been their mother’s strength to raise people like them. She made me laugh once when I was younger. She said that her children were not beautiful. I was both surprised and chocked and amused. She does not see how good of a work she has done. She is aware that she has been a pretty good mother but she does not realize how great and handsome her children are because they look like they carry something better that makes them better than most people and this has come from her.

Anyway, I know I have little chance to marry someone who will share the same point of view as mine about handicaped children.

Maybe I do need to have children.

Just so that I can transmit this point of view to more people and thus optimize the chances to improve someone’s life….

Maybe children are good for something after all.

I hope that you all did not take me too seriously concerning my point of view about children. I mean I am not crazy about them but I don’t really hate them or look down at them.

1 thought on “Adoption

  1. I think whatever you ultimately decide about kids–you’ll be fantastic. My hubby supposedly never wanted kids, and he definitely doesn’t care for other people’s kids, but he sure loves our four little rugrats.

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