I am so glad I did not comb my hair today.

Yes, most of the time, when I don’t even comb it people tell me that they look good. I understood this lesson a long time ago and thus saved a lot of time.

Anyway, one of the child in the nursery is a little girl who says only “no”, who is in love with her dady (she is a little early for this one) and who has (to say the least) a pretty strong temper. Not bad temper just strong.

Anyway I got her to like me a little today when I let her mess with my hair.

All right girl, if it is what it takes to have you accept me.

I also spent probably half an hour laying on the floor trying to sooth a little boy who cried pretty much the two hours nursery lasted.

I told him “Matthias I have two words for you “birth control”!”. And don’t worry, I said this in english.

If I should get married and my husband should like a child I will answer that I want a WII!!!!

This is why divorced men are great, they already have children so you have a good excuse not to have one.

I mean I would love to have children as long as they skip all the painfull years and directly reach the time when they are grown-ups and are interesting beings with who you can have meaningfull conversations.

Somehow I don’t feel any attraction toward diapers and screams. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I don’t think that the time the making of a baby last can be worth the time you spend trying not to lose your mind. I am FOR living the law of chastity even AFTER you have gotten married….but then what would be the point of getting married?

Having someone to help you with the grocery bags maybe?

4 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. I sat here copying one quote after another to reference here and finally gave up. This is one STINKINGLY funny post, pun intended, given the setting.

  2. I love this post. It is refreshingly honest and a hoot. How can we get through this life without a sense of humor?

    My wife told my boys many times during their childhood: “Don’t worry about your Dad. He will be a fantastic one when you are all grown up!!” Heehee.

    I was never much for pitching tents and curve balls. My worst moments were trying to help my boys with their Pine Wood Derby. Me and carving wood don’t mix.

    My boys are now mostly grown up, and now I make them read my website and have “philosophical” discussions with me. I am better at intellectual conversations than teaching Boy Scouts how to tie a square knot. What’s a square knot?

  3. I too giggled through most of this post. Sorry. Well, I guess the nursery calling will either improve your poor opinion of children, or it will just cement it in stone.
    I’d say there’s nothing wrong with you. Some people just aren’t cut out for little ones. Maybe your’re one of those people who would do very well adopting an older child. Heaven knows there are a lot of them out there.

  4. My little sister just told me that she does not mind having children has long as the child protection services leave her alone and don’t mind her putting sleeping pills in their bottles.

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