The times we are living reminds me of my history classes when I was younger.

I remember the league of nations and I wonder how much people believed in it really. I mean the difference between this league and NATO is basically the army and the fact that there is a little less talk and little more actions but I see it being basically the same mess.

I don’t see what good these two organisations can be when the whole world is angry and hungry. I don’t see the good that can be done by leaders whose names we have never heard (or almost never heard) but whose decisions have been influencing our lives directly, when they will scream to keep our calm or will hide away as people will go back to beast-like barbarians.

I only hope that despite how hard times are going to be for the next few years we have actually reached a level of wisdom in our humanity that common people think we have.

I have heard all my life about how better our societies are compared to the previous ones, how strong our positions are but I have never felt this way. I have always felt that times that we can’t fathom were to come and I did not mind being outside the church even during these times. I thought that it was sad for me but I had made my choices, took decisions for myself and I did not want to come back to the church just because it could be safer. It is such a coward, lame, dishonest way to be.

I have the feeling that the #1 reason I went through what happened last march was for the “welfare of my soul”. But I also think that in a lesser way it was to protect me physically.

Anyway, I really need to do this food storage thing.

So far my sister and I have gathered two kilogrammes of rice….this is not much ;o)

3 thoughts on “Times

  1. I really need to get busy with the food storage too. I have a little bit of water stored up and 25 or so pounds of wheat. I have no clue what to do with the wheat should we need it. We can probably survive a week or so on the other stuff–Not good.

  2. mmmm Pizza!! I think that’s the best option for a Friday night. I’m glad you were able to find a place to deliver to you.
    Now I’m scared for you, that the area you live in is not so great.

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