Funny fact

I am reading 3 Nephi these days.

Have you noticed how the part about Christ is so short?

I am not saying that this is wrong or right because this is not the purpose of this post.

When I read it in the past I have always had a hard time getting the “big picture” of the BoM. In this way that when I would get over with it I would be like “phew…it is over” but I would have such a hard time getting into it that I would not “feel” this book.

I am not talking about a testimony of the BoM but about all the effort that have been put into it for us to have another witness of Jesus Christ. I have wondered why two witnesses could be of any use. I mean the picture of the painting needing two nails to be straight is nice but I have always thought that it was stupid. When I was younger and heard it I thought that one not being able to straighten up a painting with one nail was pretty clumsy. I mean it is easier with two but I have seen poor k=jobs done with two and good ones with one.

Funny enough it is the same in the christian world.

How many retarded do you know in the church? How many amazing christians do you know outside the church? How many amazing Christ-like atheists do you know?

But as I am reading the BoM since I have picked up a few months ago I can feel how desperate some people were that we would get the right teachings, how desperate they were that these teachings would be understood. It fills my heart with respect and gratitude. It also makes me touch when I pick up my scriptures, how important a journal is. The value of records.

This is partly the reason of this blog. I have a hard time writing my journal but I have no problem typing it. I hope that the internet will be around a long time so I can pass this blog down to my children and grand children.

I hope my mom send me the pics I asked for quickly so I can go on with what I had started a few weeks ago about the genesis of my family history, I mean what I know of it. I want people and my children to understand a few things. I want them to understand that children are not of greater value than adults. Being a child is only about the shape of your body to me and this is why I am not found of children. They are nothing more than needy piece of flesh. What I am interested in and who I care for are souls, these is the real precious aspect of who we are.

I want to keep this blog up as long as possible for my children and my grand children someday to find a place, a space where they will know that, no matter how they feel about themself in their daily life, they matter beyond their understanding of what “importance” may mean to them. Thus what they look like (the cheer-leader or the geek with the huge glasses) does not matter to me. What they do with what they have will always be more important. Their fights, their lose and in the end their victories (as small as they think they will be) will shape their soul. and this is the place wher I hope they will find inspiration, comfort and a few good laugh.


The BoM lacks a few good laugh unless you have a really twisted sense of humour.

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