No spiritual subject…

..for now but I still want to write.
I had a phone call to day from a friend who’s older than my mom. She told me that most people can’t do things for themself and need to do things for others just like I do.
I thought it was the opposite. Glad to know that this is normal.
I did a great amount of work today. I am really proud of myself. I did spoil a few clothes despite how carefull I was but at least I am almost done with the painting part of setting up this place.

My mother wanted to come this week end too. I so don’t want her to. I cannot go to church when she comes. I need to go to church. I have not been for like two sundays now and I want to bring my tithing!!!!

I am still waiting for my wireless modem and I ctrying to survive in the middle of lines all over the living room.

5 thoughts on “No spiritual subject…

  1. So, now I have this visual image of you in my head…you’re all paint splotched and wrapped up in cables! I hope you post some pictures of your finished projects! :o)

  2. hmmm. I’m trying to post a comment, but it’s not showing up. The #1 there is actually the second one I posted. It makes no sense now, so just ignore it.
    What I was trying to say is…
    “So, now I have this visual image of you all paint splattered and tied up in cables. LOL
    Hope you post pictures of your finished projects.”

  3. I have been out of commission for a couple of days while the power was being restored and I was assessing the (minimal) damage to our house from the winds. Nothing profound to say, but I wanted to let you know why I haven’t checked your blog for a couple of days.

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