Sunday was horrible as expected

But my little sister rules!

After the first three days when I thought we were not going to make it a whole year she has decided to blosom and to let me see a side of her that prayed for to exist but that I did not think was real.
She is just the greatest.
She has not done anything big, just tones of little things. Such as taking responsabilities (adult ones) without me having to ask. She ask me questions (of course since she is 18) but then she just does what she has to do, what needs to be done. Then she has all these little ways that I had never seen before that just cracks me up.
Like at lunch she asked me for 1.2€ because she had borrowed from a friend to pay for a bus ticket. I told her I did not have any change.
Then she took my wallet in a childlike way to check it out. She was not intrusive, she looked desperate. I looked at her in disbeliefe and she said “you could have it and have forgotten it”. I just laughed. you know, if anyone would do such a thing I would be furious. But the way she did it was just cute.
Then (still for lunch) she needed butter. We each have a different kind of butter. I like mine salted and she does not like it. Since what she wanted to eat was better with butter AND salt I told her to just get my salted butter. She said “But it is yours!”. I looked at her not believing she was serious.
I explained to her that we have different kind because we like different kind. It does not make mine something that she can’t have.
I explained to her that she can have my expensive nice stuff as long as she tells me just for me to know if I need to buy more. You know, the normal “adult siblings” relationship. She laughed a little and said that it was the way they did with our youngest sister. To which I answered that it was the way they had to be because possession were the only private thing. But considering that now she is an adult and we are sisters and living under the same roof we just could go by more “adult” rules.
We laughed.
I think this year is going to be greater than I thought.

4 thoughts on “Sunday was horrible as expected

  1. I’m glad things with your sister are turning out better than you expected. Sounds like it’s going to be a really interesting year for you guys.
    That thing you asked me about…so far the responses that I’ve gotten have been that it would be ok. But, I still think you’d probably get some funny looks. Wish I could be there! :o)

  2. I wonder if anyone would even know what it means these days? I’m not sure the school system here in the ol’ USA is doing a bang up job these days. I never read that book in high school, but I know others’ did–so I suppose someone would get it–but people these days would probably just think it stood for something else.
    Let those without sin be the ones to cast the first stone….you sure won’t see me flinging any! :o)

  3. Actually it does stand for a lot of things but what our sinful oriented mind thinks is not what it also stands for.
    First, in the book, it NEVER says what the letter is (could be a “Q”…in french it is short for “ass”)
    Then the author leads you to think that if it should be an “A” then it would stand for “Angel” or “America” more than anything else. I love this book.

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