I hope to have painted my sister’s room by the time she gets back.

I called at my mom’s a few minutes ago. My sister’s voice was different. I wish she could hear it and I don’t mean it in a good way. I like her better with me than with my mother.

Anyway, yesterday was a good day at work and I had a good evening too. I had a good night and I was able to take it easy this morning.
I am realizing something about myself that I need to fix.
I have always knew that I need change, a lot of them. So when I have something to do such as “painting my sister’s room” I need other tasks so as to make “pauses” to be able to keep going.
Yet this makes me lose time (of course).
I need to be able to focuse on a task until it is done.
This is going to be the next thing I need to work on.
The fact that I do things my own way is not important as long as I do them. But the problem is that there is a lose of time.

Well I am done with the first layer in her bedroom. Now I want to try to do the hallway and I think I will do my room last.

Wanna help?

1 thought on “Painting

  1. I’ll be right over. I love painting–well at least for the first hour or so.
    I get it on the little breaks you need. Things can get a little monotonous when that’s all you have to focus on. Of course, Its more productive to focus on one thing at a time–but boring. :o)
    Have a great weekend–I hope!

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