Long time no writting

It has been a while since I had the time to write a real post. This one is going to be kind of short too and not really spiritually realted since I am too tired and have a tone of things on my mind.
This appartment sharing with my little sister is definitely going to be a teaching experience for me. I am both excited about it and kind of bothered. Bothered because I am going to have to check all my financial decision with her for we share all expenses, bothered al so because I am not going to be able to let myself go and be in a bad modd whenever I fell like because then I will be not nice to her for no reason and this would be not so cool.
I mean when you live by yourself who cares if you’re really angry since nobody is going to have to be around you? Who cares if you walk around naked? And if you do thre is very little chance someone is going to pop up to say hello and see your shiny sculptural body, right?

But I am excited because I am going to help her become an adult. Because we are going to have fun, because she is opening to me already and because I cannot start telling how great she is.

Sartre was a total idiot.
I always thought so and the more I know human nature in what it can be both good and evil the more I think that this poor man had to say something everybody thought was clever to have a chance to be something else beside the uglyest man on Earth.
Hell is being alone.

2 thoughts on “Long time no writting

  1. Hey there! Hope you’re getting all settled in. Good to hear from you again. It will be quite an adjustment, this living with your sister. Now you have someone else’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, moods, etc. etc. to take into account. But, like you say, it’s another learning experience. And I think, you’ll probably both learn a lot from each other. good luck!!

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