Quick hello

I am just stoping by between two meetings to say “hello” and to tell you that I really need a meeting for my calling. I mean it IS necessary.

The talk went well although I was freaking tired and I sometimes did not know what I was saying.

I included an inviation to the members to ask me for help if they want to have a blog thus answering to the invitation to of the first presidency to help spread the gospel and testify that we are not a bunch of weirdos with multiple spouses.

Some of them really don’t have a clue about how the big box by the screen works. I may not be tech savy but I can definitely help them understand how a blog works and how to use it.

1 thought on “Quick hello

  1. Good job! I helped the High Priests Group Leader in a nearby ward set up a blog for his family last Sunday between our administrative meetings. It was cool to see his excitement and appreciation.

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