I am still here

At least for 24 hours I guess.

Talking to this siter from my mission was better than I thought after writting my post yesterday.
I felt really good. I think I had a glimpse of what it willl be like when all this is over and we are together again.
Our stories are different but we have come to the same spiritual conclusions in a lot of things. Maybe not everything, I can’t really tell because we spoke for only 45 minutes or so, but enough things that we can relate to what each other say.
I pray that she has a bishop as good as mine.
Not that mine is perfect but he was perfect for me at this time. I mean he did say things that were kind of wrong but they did not really matter. It was just not very smart and understandable in the mean time. I mean, he is a former military, there is no way I can expect him to have a little tact. LOL
Poor bishop.
He has been through much this year but I am happy that things are falling back in place for his familly.

Yesterday I prayed really hard that I can learn the things He wants me to learn though my “brand new” calling.
I mean I am missing the point of it. I have to. I am put back in the exact same spot I left. I have wondered if it is because I can be “such a good teacher” and I think I can be and this is partly why I am called there but I honestly believe it has more to do with a step that I have not figured out yet. I have progressed much these past months but this one is just a mystery to me.
Do you know what comes to my mind when I think about inspired callings and teaching?


It feels like it.

We have the instructions, we have plenty of them and we can get help. And it is up to us to find the treasures.
I think I am going to keep this picture to help people who have a hard time with their calling. And if it does not help I will try fear and tell them about me being stuck in the same calling no matter how much I try to get out of it even through excommunication!

3 thoughts on “I am still here

  1. In my family on my mother’s side people are artists or have artistic talents. Most of the time it is in visual art or poetry. I am good at analogy in general because it is a way to mix both ability. I am also pretty good at photgraphy if you’re not looking for your usual family picture. My mom used to do water color. And a lot of of people (starting with her grand father) do painting.

    I think I am the only one, or maybe one of the few) who is good at visual arts. The great grand kids of my great grand father are more into music.

    Oh! I take it back! One of my cousin has a talent for music but she is close to being a genius in visual arts (any). She made history in the administration of her school district because she has been a real issue when she took her art test. I like what she does. When she is famous believe me. I will tell you :o)
    I give her not more than ten years to be internationally famous among the professionnals.

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