Thank you so much

I was supposed to give the keys of my appartment on saturday but nobody in my housing comapny works on saturday.
So I was scheduled for monday morning which gave me a good 24 hours more to move my stuff.

The woman from the office called me….they can’t check my appartment until friday NEXT WEEK.

Oh thank you.

This is really a big blessing, this way I am going to move myself without asking anybody and still do it without being too tired.

Today I was able to call someone from my mission. It felt good to talk to her. I was happy to talk to someone about the things I am writing on this blog. It is not like I need it, it just that it is nice to be able to.
Anyway, this might be my last post before a few days or a few weeks, I don’t know. I should be cut off from the net tomorrow I hope I’ll be able to blog tomorrow but I just don’t know.

1 thought on “Thank you so much

  1. Well, that must be a big relief. It’s always nice to get a little extra time, especially when it comes to moving.
    I hope everything goes well with the move. I’ll miss hearing from you while your off the net. Hope you get up and running fast! :o)

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