This is amazing

This has strictly nothing to do with a spiritual subject.

I can’t believe what I just heard.

Ok here is the thing.
Since I am going to NH in October and since there is a high school and since they are teaching french there I thought I could contact them to offer to come to talk to the class. I also want to try something like a pen pal thing with the kids I am working with.
Anyway I was able to talk to someone this time (not the teacher) and I got the most demotivated person on Earth. I really thought that all these people lived in France you know.
Gosh! This is funny. I really hope that the teacher won’t be this way. I will call again in a few.

USA won’t cease to amazes me. When you think it is one way (for good or bad) then someone will pop out and prove you wrong. But I’d rather when people are better than I expected you know. I am funny this way.