Everybody knows I am back

The bishop got a meeting with all the presidents before church meeting. He told me he would tell them that know I had been re-baptized so I could give prayers.


Opening prayer in RS: Me

Opening prayer in Sacrament meeting: Me

And guess who got a calling RIGHT after church?

That would be me again.

And what calling did I get?

Let me think.

When the bishop told me that when I would be re-baptized I would get quickly a calling I knew I would be called in the nursery. It is not like I “feared” I would be called in the nursery. I KNEW IT.
So what calling did I get?
Oh my gosh!
This is nursery president.
Because there is a president ofr the nursery now? Boy, I have been out too long.

It is not that I don’t like children. It is just that kids are not my cup of tea. I mean I like them when they are around 10. Before an after this time I think they should be cryogenized or something like that. The issue is that then they would not grow and skip the two periods I dislike (before and after ten). I think I need to work this concept out.
You know, when they are ten they are smart enough to have a good little conversation bu hormones have not kicked it yet.
I know you think I am trying to be smart but not really. I am just expressing my deep feelings about kids.

Now my sweet Heavenly Father and I are going to have a little talk tonight. I mean I am sincerely thankful that I got a calling. I am going to be able to relieve mothers from a the worry of not knowing what to do with their child and they’ll know they are pretty safe with me. I am not complaining about the fact that I got called in the nursery.
My question is “why AGAIN?”
I have been the primary president and I have been in ursery before. Does Heavenly Father really think I should deal with members’ brats children to earn celestial kingdom? Aren’t they other callings that could bring me the same knowledge?

I know you are going to say “no” and I aggree with you. But I am sure that with a little effort we could work something out.
I start wondering if the parents are going to be that thrilled when I start “teaching” their kids.
These are all my feelings but as I have already said, honestly, I want to serve anywhere I can and I really don’t care if the callings are inspired or not. Honestly, if it is inspired then “great”, if it is not the “too bad” FOR THEM. I just want to serve and if they don’t put me in the right position then it is their lose not mine. All that I am asking is to serve, specially in this ward, and learn.