Something that really does not count

But I wanted to share it with you anyway.

There is this show/game in France called “un diner presque parfait” (an almost perfect dinner). The idea is that five people get to eat at each other’s place once during one week. At the end of the dinner the host is giving a grade by the guests. At the end of the week the winner wins 1000€.
They are going to have it in St-Etienne next month and I want to participate. They called me and asked me to send pics of me and other things.
I really hope I’ll get selected. I would just love to participate. Of course I would like to win also but participating is 75% of the fun. Beside it would be my 15 minutes of fame since people would see me everyday for one week on TV.
In the mean time I am nervous, the others would probably be really good cook also and I am very sensitive when it comes about my cooking.

4 thoughts on “Something that really does not count

  1. Good luck. Enjoy the food you get – and serve them mac & cheese or pizza, just to stand out from everyone else. *grin*

  2. we don’t have mac and cheese and this is one thing I don’t understand: how can people eat this?
    I hope I will be convincing enough. I would really love to be on this show.
    If I am not I guess I will only have to do cooking contests with my friends.

  3. Oh I hope they pick you. that would be so cool. Good luck, good luck, good luck. I’ll be crossing all my fingers and toes for you.
    I’m not a big fan of mac n cheese myself, but my kids love it. When will you find out if your picked?

  4. I’ll know next week since they are picking 20 people for the casting that will take place on September 1st.

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