Probably two posts again

I am nervous.
When I am nervous my body responds to it and I usually don’t like what happens.
And the thought of it makes me more nervous.

Yesterday I “secured” a truck for my sister’s stuff so she can move in with me. I told my mother it was not my job to do. But of course nobody did it. I really don’t want to be her baby-siter when she comes live with me but it is the way things are looking. Honestly I can’t really blame my sister. She wants to do what is right but when I tell my mother that she needs to do this or that and that she is not, my mom says “I will tell her, it is ok, she is learning”
No mom.
You don’t ever tell her.
It is not ok.
She is not learning she would be making mistakes that would have consequences in MY life if I were not harrassing you.

My sister would not be happy if she understood how my mother is covering for stupid things. I can’t wait until I see her and I explain to her how things work. She is only 18 and she does need to learn a lot but she is also willing to learn and will not try to find excuses or to rationalize.
I love my little sister.

1 thought on “Probably two posts again

  1. Hopefully when shs is all moved in with you, things will smooth out. I’m sure you’re going to be a great aide to her in her growing up experience. Good luck with the move.

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