I saw my best friends yesterday who have taken a trip to Belgium, Nederland and Germany. They brought memories from their trips. Of course when you go to Nederland you have to bring something concerning pot. Since bringing actual pot would be illegal they brought candies.
Candies made with cannabis.
I thought it contained only a tiny amount of cannabis just like bread with poppy seeds.


Not at all.

I had a really good evening, I saw “Batman The dark Knight”. Great movie although I am still trying to figure out what it was about.
My friends had a great time and I will never trust them again with foreign candies!

Today in Sunday school all who had been on a mission or who were going on a mission were asked to stand. I did. The teacher thought I was going on a mission.
Everybody laughed.
Then she asked me how long ago I had been on a mission.

Er…. ten years?

Tomorrow I will be rebaptized at 3.30pm. The dress they had did not fit me (I have a big fat butt). good thing I have a white skirt and a few white shirts.

M.C was at church and I really wanted to take time to talk to her but so many poeple were there and were happy to see her and to talk to her that she did not have much time for me….this is good….
She did not come for church, she came once all the meetings were over but at least she came. Hopefully she will come more often, even if she only stays in the lobby as I used to to hear the talks without having to mingle with the other memebers. She needs to come even if she does it her own way.