Something light and refreshing

I am just finding out about the “give away” concept so I did not follow up all the steps when I participated in my first one. I apologize to Mikki ;o)

Here is the second one I am participating in and If someone wants to participate juste click on this link. I have not participated because I want to win (I don’t even know what to send back) but because I think it is fun.


I did not want yesterday to end

But I did not have any choice, I have the feeling that stop the Earth from revolving would have a consequence or two I might regret.

Today is a new day and the sun is shining, we have had crap weather for the past three days.

When I came back home yesterday some good things were waiting for me. First my taxe refund which I did not expect until October. Then I got a mail from a website saying that the Microsoft office Home edition I had put there for my little sister had been sold. I called her and she was thrilled.
Let me tell you about her and how she got it. the little sister I am talking about is the one you can see on “stuff that don’t”. Her name was invented by my mother and you could translate it by “Fairy Ann”.
My little fairy is 14 almost 15.
There is a contest in english for junior high students in France that she has been taking since she entered junior high. she came first of her school the first year but it did not matter to her because she knew the best student of her school had not done her best. The two following years she did extremly good but only behind the best one. She worked hard all those years to beat this student (who is a sweet girl and one of her friends).
As you can guess she beat her this year, the last year.
But this is not all, she worked so hard that she not only came first in he school but also in the “département” which would be the equivalent of a state for you. So she got this prize that she did not expecte at all. Since we don’t need it she wanted to try to sell it…and she did. She just earned 100€ by selling it which would be about 150$ I think.

Today I am going to relax and enjoy my day. I need to run some errands because I need some stuff for my pets and I am going to try to pack a little more.