My patriarchal blessing and more

I got my patriarchal blessing when I was 14 going on 15.
My mother had prepared me since I was 10 to receive it so I was fully ready when the appointment was set.
We left for a 3 hours drive but surprisingly snow prevented us from living the area we loved in. It took us an hour to drive 20 km I think. My parents asked me if I did not mind postpoining it. I was a little disapointed but I could see that it was just materially impossible to drive.
Another apointment was made for a month latter.
This was my first powerfull experience about this event. During this month I can tell that I have fellt Satan’s presence more than anything else. I remember this month because of It. It was the first time in my life that I could feel truly tempted. I am not talking to you about something I wanted to do or something that was appealing which was like a button that he pressed. I am talking to you about ideas coming from outside, I could feel it had nothing to do with me or any real desire from me and yet I was tempted to do something that would have made me unworthy for while to receive it I think. It came to the point where I could feel his presence. I am not talking about an ominous feeling and a chill or something like that. I am talking about someone being here with me and wanting to do something negative to me.
I held on and the feeling just vanished when I got my patriarchal blessing.
Me-1 / Satan-0
He scored later in my life but I think that we both learned something about me: the more you try to force me to do something that is not me the less I am going to do it. He became more subtle after. This is also a lesson I have learned.

When the patriarch gave me my blessing I remember him making long, very long pauses. I remember that when we would do that I would feel thirsty for more. I knew it was not enough and I did not want him to stop. When he eventually did I felt it was right. He had told me what he was supposed to and I did not need moe. My soul knew it.

Then he appologized for all his pauses that were very long. He told me that he felt strongly that he had to use the right words and that he should not use approximate words because it was important to me.
It was and it is still. I did not say anything back then because I knew it annoyed people but I have always been very picky about words. We say in french that I am a “purist of words”. I knew God had communicated with him. I knew God had wanted me to know what had been said and nothing less. I felt a special connection with my Heavenly Father then. I had a testimony of my patriarchal blessing. Nothing stricking, just a peacefull feeling that it was right and true.

Now the following part is not about a huge miracle but it stands as a second witness to me that ou God cares and tries His best to talk to us but it is not always easy. It takes preparation and maturity and two ears wide open.

When I was baptized a sister wrote down the blessing I received and I got it a few years after my baptism (I think I was about 17 when I got it).
The two blessngs were given years appart by two diferent men and you know what I am aiming at.
There is no special prophecy in it that became true latter on. there is nothing stricking but this: they are pretty much the same. And if you think that they are basic you can think again. They have very specific points that could apply only to me that are in both blessings. Yet it is funny to see that the blessing of the gift of the Holy Ghost uses words adapted for my age.
In the mean time, if I would show it to anyone hiding the name, anyone could tell that this has been given to the same person. One is just stated in very simple words with some details refering to my childhood when the other one is given to a futur adult for all her life. But the main subject are the same.
I know that although my patriarchal blessing has been an issue for me at one point of my life it has been inspired. I can tell through this experience that God tries all that He can to reach to us because He loves us not just because He wants us to be obedint. Of course this is His main concern, but it is His main concern because He cares for us and His heart is broken when we don’t listen to Him. He has given us the blessing to have the priesthood, His power on Earth restored so we could have one more way to turn to Him in case of need. and I am gratefull for a God who loves us so much that He let something so great and so precious in the hand of so imperfect beings hoping that we would use it for good, to turn to Him in anyway this could help us to.


For those of you who wonder about the patriarchale blessing. I know mine is different from my mother’s. I am typing this because someone found my blog through this question on the net. Hope this can bring a begining of answer to your question.

2 thoughts on “My patriarchal blessing and more

  1. What a beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing it. I hope to get around to getting my patriarchal blessing someday soon. I need to make it a goal to have it done this year.

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