two posts in one day!!!

I had to wake up early this morning and I had many things to do. I did not really have the time to read my scriptures, or I should say I did not have the time to focuse on them.

So I read them tonight.

I wish we knew more about Ammoron and his brother (Alma 54).
Seriously how in the world can the descendent of a man who followed willingly Lehi can eventually think that his great grand pa was forced to?
This is not really the question actually. I don’t believe he believed it, I think that he just wanted to believe it because it made his purpose look like right.
Ammoron makes me think of my father and a lot of other person who, when being faced with either the truth or a righteous behavior will find a cunning way to twist reality in order to appear as the victim and therefore grant himself the right to be angry. I really like this chapter because I know that Ammoron is wrong and then when you follow his logic he is right. But then if you take each element appart he is wrong and a liar and a murder and evil.

When my father went to see a spychiatrist when my parents got a divorce the doctor stated this; that if he had not been specialyzed in this he would have easily fallen into my father’s trick because what he says is so logical and he has such a will and a power to convince you when he talks to you that you may eventually doubt the truth. But then, the same way as Ammoron, when you take each element appart things just don’t make sense, even worse, they are opposite. When the doctor pointed it out to my father, he prentended that he was going through much stress and this is why what he was saying did not make sense.

I am sorry for them more than I am sorry for anyone else on Earth. I wonder all the time if they are going to fool God as well when judged? you may say no and that Ammoron knows very well how things will be handled and that he knows he’d better not play with the truth with God, the problem is that I know this kind. And I have never seen this kind being afraid of anyone or any situation. I know my father will try to manipulate God as well. It may be funny to imagine this little guy trying to twis the truth and not taking in account who he is talking to but believe me, I have seen him doing things that were pretty much the same.

Which brnings me back to Ammoron. When he says that nobody knows if there is a God or not he is not denying directly God, he is only trying to make a statement that he hopes will make Moroni doubt. But it is pointless.
It feels like he is trying to bend the truth to eventually make it meet his need. Who can be stupid enough to think it is going to work? I mean what is the path that eventually leads to this beliefe and way to think?
Or maybe I don’t want to know ;o)

2 thoughts on “two posts in one day!!!

  1. I think you are right in not wanting to know. There are some things that we can try to understand at some basic level that are best left at that level. This sounds like one of those things.

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