As I read my scriptures yesterday and today I came to understand one thing that disturbs anti-mo and why they have a hard time with the BoM being really from God.
I amin the last ten chapters of Alma and this is hard to see any common point point between these issues and what we find in the Bible.
I mean the structures have nothing in common which leads me to a question.
But first let’s take a look at the way the Bible has been gathered
We have first a knowledge that has been passed on orally thus leaving space for much alteration. By the time someone had the bright idea to put it down on some kind of paper a few centuries had passed by.
Then we have another part that is passed on both orally and on paper BUT the issue is this one:
there are 33 three versions of the same periode of time and abuot the same buddy. each of the author giving his/her own version, feelings, learnings and so on.
This leads to a situation where the little religious club has strictly no cohesion and in a time of persecution this is suicidal. So let’s shrink it to the 4 most popular and easy to understand. Taking for granted that there are some things, some knowledge that will never be lost because it is deeply rooted in the culture and common knowledge.


The problem is that all this kowledge that they trust would never get lost DID get lost.

What is the common point here? Everytime man mingled with the course of the knowldge they had of God. I am not talking about minor knowledge. I am talking about plainly taking things out and reorganizing things trusting their own judgement and not asking God if it was smart.

Then we have the BoM which can be nothing but a controversy since this time GOD decided what would be in it and what would not and how it would be made known to the people. How could it be less than shoking?

How could we expect people who have been raised to think that the Bible is the last book (er…it is not a book…it is a collection of other books) to think that the BoM can be God’s word? It is not an easy thing to accept and I really believe we should take better in consideration where they come from when, like me, we have been raised in the church.

Let’s take the famous scripture that non LDS quote to prove the BoM wrong. I am talking about Rev 22:18.
The typical answer LDS members give is Deuteronomy 4:2. It just open a scripture war and I don’t like it.
Now if you consider that the place of each book has been men choice and not God’s. If you consider the political situation in which the NT has been gathered and put together then it brings a whole new light on the scripture from Revelation and there is no need to argue whether the BoM is a blasphemy or not. I mean it does not prove that the BoM is God’s word (nothing can and this is how I think it should be), it only means that this scripture is nothing but a trace of the politicale context of this time.

End of the discussion for me now it is coconut ice cream time!

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