My bishop wanted to see me today because he got the green light.

Nice hu?
Why did he want to see me for?
Just to tell me that he got the green light and that he needed to see me.

Are we going to play this game a long time? Isn’t it what we have been waiting for for like 3 or 4 months?

Is it ok to beat him up since I am going to have all my past sins removed?

It could be worse. I could have a bishop who really does not give a thought about me. I mean, I know he is just trying to make me feel he cares about me and this is why I am only frustrated and not angry or bitter.

We had another family coming to our ward today. We have FIVE new families! Two of them are here only for a year bu still. We have never seen that before. It is crazy. And nice….

I have been fasting for the last three months but since I cannot give fast offerings what I do is that I just give it to someone in the street. the point of it is to give it to the first one I see.
You know how we are reluctant (often for good reasons) to give to homeless on the street. We always think that that are going to drink our money out. And most of the time we are right.
The thing is, how many times did we get blessings/opportunities we did not fully enjoy? Are we always worth of the blessing we receive? Do we always use the blessing we get for only 100% righteous purpose? Are we really better than those beggers or only a little less drunk?
So I decided not to judge, it is not my business. The members of my ward did not judge unworthy of their care and help and prayers after all although I was in a state of emotional and spiritual filth. Why should I or how could I feel above these people on the street?
Are they going to drink it out instead of buying some food they need? Well it is their problem not mine. My problem is to find a way to make a use of my fast offering and not to judge.

3 thoughts on “Duh!

  1. Congratulations!!! When’s the big day going to be?
    You’re right about not judging. Only Heavenly Father knows their hearts. Our responsibility is simply to help out where we can.

  2. I wish I knew!!!!! Come on!!!! My bishop wanted to talk to me only to tell me that he wanted to talk to me!!!!

    So I am going to have my interview next week hopefully and I hope that I can get re-baptized quickly but “my quick” may not be “God’s quick”

  3. Can I beat him up since my sins will be forgiven? Simply hilarious!

    Patience is a virtue – which is why it’s so hard. *grin*

    Seriously, though, I am excited for you – and really appreciate the comment on my blog. It was a perfect example of what I meant. Thanks!

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