Spill it!

Come on!
Who is it?

I know one persone or maybe two have subscribed to my blog but I don’t know who they are because they don’t seem to leave messages.

This was the little “funny” moment of the day.

I got a nice phone call from my mother at noon. She just had to spit her poison again. I recently found out that she is extremly jealous of her sisters. She just has to be cruel, awefull, diminishing whatever she can be that will make me feel sick.
Let me explain.
My aunt (her big sister) has a daughter who is a year older than my younger sister. What I mean is that she is 19.
This girl is absolutely brilliant. I mean she is beyond being smart.
The thing is that she is an artist. When she graduated from high school she did such a paper in the art subject that there was a fight over it for EIGHT HOURS betwen all the teacher of the area whether she had failed or she was beyond the requirement of the subject. Eight hours is the amount they put in for about 30 papers!!!
They told her that she has marked local school history with her paper!!!!
She is close to being a genius and I love her work. Not that I would buy all her stuff and worship her but she is good and it has nothing to do with the fact that we are of the same family. I love her work full point.
Not my mother.
And she has liked her work even less since yesterday when her sister called her.

My cousin has applied for this school. There are 12 positions available each year and 800 students apply each year.
Of course she passed.
And she has declared that she wants to finish first.
What is wrong with it?
She has the gift (I am not talking about talent I am talking about gift) it takes, she works hard she has faith in her potential. What else does it take?
My mother is just mad at me, we got into a fight because I said that I was not surprised that she had made it and that I thought that she could come first. I told my mother that I did not see her declaration as pridefull but as a wonderful declaration of self assurance.
I am happy for her, I rejoyce over her success. What is wrong?
Nothing beside the fact that it is the second time my mother is bitter because one of her sisters’ children is doing good.
This is so sad.
There is a subject of joy and celebration for the whole family and my mother is reacting this way…
How many opportunities such as this one do we get in a life time? What a waist for my poor mom.
I am deeply sorry for her when she reacts this way. What a hell is her life.

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