Spiritual vacation?

I feel like it since I am staying at home and pretty much hangind around. My goal for this time is to learn magic tricks that don’t involve special cards or a fake thumb and to learn how to make lace.
I just enjoy my time and take it easy. I am also in the process of moving to a bigger appartment with an extra bedroom for my 18 years old sister. Speaking of which I really wonder if she is going to make it. She just says yes to anyone not wanting her happiness if they have some kind of authority on her (a.k.a our mother and her father). She is just about going to university and she had not taken any real vacation yet, she is about to go under minor surgery and she is going to spen pretty much the whole month of August running from one point to another one (one of them being Paris which is quiet a distance from where she lives). Anyway I hope that when she starts university and see how demanding it can be she will have the guts to say “no”.

Yesterday evening as I picked up my scriptures I looked how much I have read and how much I still have to go until I get rebaptized. I felt like setting as a goal to finish reading it before I get rebaptized. Considering that it could happen in about two weeks I would have quiet a lot of reading to do.
I really don’t know if it was one of my old habbit kicking back or something else but I realized that once again I was doing it: putting myself under unnecessary pressure.
The scriptures are intended to be spiritual food, not some kind of challenge that would ruin the purpose. Beside, considering th odds of faling I would probably come to my baptism day with a feeling of failure. What a way to start! OR I would make it, but the price would be bad relationship with people who matter to me because I would be all focused on my rigtheous goal.

I am glad I was able to recognize it this time. I pray that I will always be.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual vacation?

  1. All I can say is, “Amen.” The scriptures should be a source of joy – not a source of contention or unrealistic expectations.

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