I am almost here! Hold on! Wait for me.
What am I going to do then? Change the name of my blog to only “…and then…”?


No, it would spoil the whole purpose.

I spent a very less spiritual week end but somehow I don’t feel guilty at all.
I am happy. I spent a spiritually free week end BUT in the mean time I had the feeling that God was taking care of my spirituality while I was “having fun”.

Let me be more specific.

It all started friday night.
I had my best friends over for dinner and we had crêpes. I was so happy to see them. I had not seen them for two weeks and you need to know that Marie and I call each other at least once a day and that our fridays are schedule for each other :o)

I spent pretty much the whole night chating and then talking with someone that I may have to talk about in the future. the first converstaion was NOT spiritually focused. Then I went to bed to sleep a couple of hours and I woke up to call him again (I have free phone for where he lives and he does not). We talked about politics. One of my favorite subject :o)

Later this day my mother asked me if it was ok for her to just come whenever she felt like since she was to pick up my sisters the following day. I said that there was no problem. We spent some time together, she took me out and bought me a nice shirt. We spent some quality time together.

We came back home and went to bed after midnight. I had a hard time finding a moment to read my scriptures on both days but I made a point to do it anyway.

Then on sunday morning I decided to ditch RS and sunday school. I had forgotten that it was my little sister’s first sunday in RS. But in the mean time I am glad I was not there. I was able to spend more time with my mom. I don’t know when she will be back to her old ways so I enjoy each seconds of her being as she is now.
We had lunch together. then when they left I just tried to catch up some sleep and I slept pretty much the whole afternoon. I woke up and felt lame to spend such a “not focused” sunday but in the mean time I had the feeling I made the right choices today. Beside the day was not over when I woke up. So I sat at my desk and started looking for uplifting material.

Why do I need uplifting material TODAY?

The bishop ran to me as I was living the church building to tell me that he go the green light!!!!
I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack people. It is only a matter of days. Really only a matter of days!
I am going to go through an interview either next sunday or the following one.

Do you know how I feel? I feel like like a spiritual Paris Hilton. I feel like a spiritual brat.
I have all these things coming up in my life, showing me how much God cares for me and takes care of me and I feel like there are not enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do AND to thank our Heavenly Father properly. Not that I don’t care, it is just that I feel like a loving brat.

Anyone ever felt this way?

I know it is ok, though. As long as I behave and have the right priorities on mind ;o)


  1. Congratulations! I am so glad your suspense is over.
    Would you email me? I have a private group for LDS women recovering and healing from abuse. It is behind “closed doors” totally private and very safe. Very non judgemental, all of us helping each other to heal. I would love to have you join us. Not only do we have a lot to offer you on your journey, you have a lot to offer us.
    Blessed be sweet sister.

  2. I will email you if you give me the email I need to write to. I can erase your post after you have left the email address (you don’t want to have bunch of weirdos writing to you I bet :o)

  3. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. I hope the wheels keep turning now, and everything just flows right for you.

  4. I have only recently become e-acquainted with you but am happy to hear your news. Your story is very interesting and inspiring.

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