Yesterday my pets almost got killed the most horrible way: BURNT ALIVE. Just because a stupid neighbor of mine had thrown a cigarette that burnt the sheet under which my pets usually hide. This morning I had just not let them out as I usually do.

When I came back from down town I got sick as I have been in the past. Only that instead of being sick all day long I got sick when all my very important stuff were done.

This morning I got a call from my housing company while I was grocery shoping: I can have the new appartment with one extra bedroom, so I am going to move in just in time for my sister to move in too and to go to university.

It may sounds stupid and these are things that are not a matter of life and death (although it was for my pets). But it definitely makes life easier.

6 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. That’s so neat that your sister will get to move in with you, and that you got the larger apartment. And, I’m so glad your kitties are ok. That would have been soooo sad!

    I love all the little blessings that come our they may not seem like a big deal to anybody else, but our Heavenly Father knows they will help us, and if we’re in the right frame of mind, we can appreciate how much He loves us.

  2. Just for the record: We are cats’ guinea pigs. That’s why I refuse to have cats – well, that and my son’s allergies.

  3. I am glad your little guinea pigs are ok. I used t have one and he was so sweet.
    I wanted to comment on your comment that you left at Mormon Matters on Fear.
    How great that you were so honest. I share that fear with you.
    I posted on the subject of Guidance and Wisdom today, which come down to my fears of a lot of things which I am barely getting into, as yet. My journey back into the Church was a long one, with a lot of baggage.
    Blessings to you.

  4. I would be sad to have allergies, I like cats and dogs but I am not a big fan. Yet I love my rodents, although the fact that I have three is a total accident. I don’t think that I will replace them all when they die. I will probably have one, not three. This is how pets are superior to children (this is for Mikki). You can replace them and have less the second time!

  5. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving your comment. I so agree with you. Our lives can be so nriched by looking at the trees and leaves that grow along other paths.

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