My mom has started teaching me how to make lace.

#1 Point: we can actually have a communication without yelling at each other.

#2 Point: I may be good at it eventually!!! If it is so I am hoping to be able to learn it professionnally so as to use this skill to move to the US!!!

It is such a sweet and soft thing to be able to share something with my mother that does not imply any yelling or hard feelings. Something not linked to anything negative of the past, something clean.

I am so freaking tired and yet I really wanted to make an effort tonight to show her that I am serious about it and that I want to listen to her. It was hard yesterday when she started explaining things to me, she started with this tone of voice and this speach patern that I just hate. This way to speak gives her the impression that she is so important. I really can’t stand it. But I thought that she is my only way to start learning it for free and to try to be nice would only be another waisted opportunity, nothing worse, after all we already went through it so many times.

Yet this time it turned out good. She quickly changed her way to speak and I have been able to give my best.

My best being actually really good. I might be able to catch up with women who started younger if I really want to. This is motivating!!!!

Today I also looked up the place I am going to in October, they have a high school there where french is being taught, I am thinking that I could get in touch with the teacher and offer to talk to the kids there. Thanks God for free phone for the US!!!!

Just a quick note for Ann-Marie if you come back to my blog: where are you in NH? Are you far from Claremont?

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