Feeling better today. But I still feel kind of “out of my life”.

It feels that anytime I am at her place or with her my life is put in parentheses. It is sad that she so “out of subject” when it comes to my life. It seems that she has strictly nothing to do with it, but for my genesis of course. I wish I could include her. My sisters are a part of my life and I want them to be.

Any time I am with her I realize that she kills any wish to become a mother myself. I know when I go back home and come back to this post and the previous one I will have much to ponder about. So it is good in one way:o)

It is weird how much of a hard time I have organizing my thoughts when I am here. It feels like all that I can function with are emotions and I must say negative ones.

Anyway, I just finished the Korihor event in the BoM and it is one story that I like. Hopefully I will be able to write about it when I come back.

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