Here is the woman I am looking for to meet. I want to know her, I want her to be proud of me because I am proud of being her great-great-grand-daughter.

Her name was Marie-Virginie but in the village where she was born, where she got married, where she died, all the girls were named Marie-Something so they would all go by the second part of their name. So she was called Virginie.
Virginie as you guess is the equivalent of Virginia. So in English her name was Mary-Virginia.
Her name, although probably not really thought about by her parents really referred to christ’s mother since she was pretty much named “the virgin Mary” (Virgina coming from the word virgin).
What I know of her is that she was such a good person that for catholic processions she was asked by the priest to walk up in the front so as to represent the virgin Mary. She had three boys and one girl.

Once her husband got into a friendly argument with a friend about weather. From this time on the friend teased them because her husband had been wrong. Her daughter got mad and she taught her daughter to keep it quiet. Why did she do that? Considering that I get irritated also when people over tease me (and become as we say in french “heavy”) I wuold have probably reacted like her daughter. I guess she wanted her daughter not to lose time in pointless fight that could have tainted a longtime friendship. Her husband family had a long time good reputation. There was no point shading it.

Her son was a righteous gorgeous man who married an evil woman and here is part of the genesis of abuses in my family. One of their son was my grand father. One of the many victim in this history who never became a torturer himself.

She is the woman I got my nose from. We have the exact same nose with the same imperfection (although it is a beautiful one, thank you very much). Because of what I have learned from her when I was a teenager I started working toward self appreciation. It took me up to this day to reach this point and I am far from really loving myself all the time. But knowing her, being a little piece of her started me.
I have a pretty horrible family history. But she is like a light house in my ship story.

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