Is it Heaven already?

My life is so great right now.
I had the best day ever yesterday.
I am not talking about winning the lottery (although it would be nice) I am talking about one of those days when you feel loved and you feel you can love back without restriction coming from outside. I feel blessed that I had one of those days.
I know my baptism is going to take longer than expected since I have not heard from my bishop this week. I know I am going to have to wait at least until August and if it was hard and horrible at first I have accepted it. It is still hard. I still want to cry when I think about it but I am fine. I really took yesterday as a gift from our Heavenly Father to encourage me in my attitude. I know this way to look at it is childish and I need to grow up more although I have come quiet a bit already. But this is really how I feel and unless someone offers a better way to look at it I will stick with this attitude.

I was able to speak in english for almost 24h straight and on a professional level my project is being enthusiastically welcomed by my boss. I got to talk to interesting and wonderfull people. This is what is celestial kingdom to me. I don’t care for supposedly beautiful places, I care for the kind of people I was able to talk to, the kind who uplift me by their example and the way they talk to me.

3 thoughts on “Is it Heaven already?

  1. I clicked a link and found this site. What a great blog. I’ve only scanned it for a few minutes but I’m impressed with my first look. I’m going to put this in my favorites and come by occasionally to keep up.

  2. Er…thank you Jared. I usually blog everyday or at least once every other day. I hope that my next post is going to be about abuses in my family or the history of abuses so it is not going to be a fun post. But I want to write it hoping that it can help someone understand his/her own family history.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post about your wonderful day. That is good news. I have been thinking about and praying for you. You go ahead and write that post on abuse. It is something that many members of the church have had to deal with. Part of the healing process for many is writing about it. Hopefully it will not bring up feelings that are overwhelming.

    Perhaps focusing on forgiveness as your write would be helpful. When I read about abuses I wonder how the Savior feels and how our Heavenly parents must feel. How they must hurt and ache for their children – both those who suffer the abuse and those who must suffer later if they don’t repent and are healed by the atonement of Jesus Christ.

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