Masochism fun

I think I need councelling LOL

Here is my thing: There is something really good in my life right now and it is the hardest stumbling block. The problem is that it distract me from reading my scriptures or focusing on them when I do.
The only solution I have found is pain and whatever comes with it so I can focuse on my goal.

This is the way back to our Heavenly Father: Masochism! Enjoying pain! Pain is fun! Let’s bleed and cry!

Now that I have written this and acknowledged my sin I am sure it is going to be easier to go back to my scriptures.

If you take what I have written seriously I am sad for you. But I do need to focuse better on my scriptures. The worse is that I am reading Alma and chapter 12 is really good and apply to some of my concerns. I intelectually know it but I need to make a harder effort to concentrate.

Now let’s go read chapter 13 :o)

I really wonder how this whole story is gonna end ;o)

1 thought on “Masochism fun

  1. I feel ya’ on the scripture reading. It is such a struggle for me. The only time I usually find to do it is at night, right before bed. And then, I’m usually just so tired, that if I’m lucky i’ll read a chapter. Usually, though, it’s just a page or so. I’m still muddling through 2nd Nephi. I’m coming up to the chapters taken from Isaiah. I’m dreading it, because I always have a problem understanding it.
    If I spent half as much time reading my scriptures as I do blogging, I’d be fine. There’s my stumbling block–blogging. I need to find some balance. Maybe I’ll go do some scripture study right now. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

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