Freaked out

This is freaking.

In France when you pay your rent you also have to pay what we call “charges”. This is good for at least cleaning the building but it can include more (and therefore you pay more). My “charges” include the bill for hot and cold water and heat. This leaves me little to worry about.
So each month I pay a certain amount no matter how much I actualyl use.
Now once a year they check out how much I have actually used and either I have to pay for what I used that went beyond what I paid for during the year OR I am refunded the money. What they do is that the following months I either have to pay what I owe OR they take it from my rent.
I am carefull about how much water or heat I use so I was expecting them to refund some money, like around the same amount of money as last year.
My rent (plus the charges) is 292.49€ and last year I only paid like 70€ in july because they owed me about 220€.

Do you remember I was worring about getting baptized because of tithing?

Well I got the letter today telling me that they owe me…



This means not only that I will be able to pay tithing without worying but I will also be able to save a little money.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you very much but I have not been baptized yet could you not freak me out this way?

I know what you are going to say.

This does not represent a miracle or a blessing coming from obediance to a commandment since this is what I have saved over a year on the water and heat I use and I will answer that this is true.


I will also remind you that I have started this journey back to the church a long time ago with a commitment taking place just a few months ago.

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