I had a good uplifting sabbath day yesterday.

I really wanted to give RS a last chance before deciding it was really not for me but I got sick during the night and it made it hard to wake up and get ready. SO I arrived a little late. Did it matter? Nope. I arrived 30 minutes late and the lesson had not started yet. Hooooooow surprising. Then, like 15 minutes before the end of the lesson they had someone “give the lesson” since the one who was supposed to give it did not show up. Nice.

I kept my lips so tightly closed that I know I looked like I was mad. I was a little mad and sad and frustrated and… Ok you know what I mean. I so did not want to be there. I so regreted to have made this effort to come to RS.

Then sunday school was ok I guess. Nothing bad which means that it was good. Yes I have lowered my expectations but I think it is right. I can be too demanding sometimes even with myself. Not as much as I used to, though.

Theeeennn sacrament meeting. And this is the part that made this whole day worth living.

During sunday school a lady that I had never seen came in. She sat behind me in the back of the room. when it was over she asked me questions about how to meet the missionaries if she felt like. She asked questions that obviously told about her that she had a hard time understanding how it goes but I eventually was able to explain to her that she could not go to the elders place to meet with them. Anyway I offered her to sit by me during sacrament meeting. She first declined and then accepted.
She explained that she had gone to Poland to visit relatives who happen to be members of the church. They took her to listen to a GA who was visiting the country and when she asked about finding the church in France they pulled out the address of the church here.

It took me time to figure out that she had not attended sacrament meeting so her expectation to see the same as what had been going on in Poland was not going to be met. Ha Ha Ha Ha

But then the best happened.

This young sister came to church late. She is a young mom with two kids and she is going through a very rough time. She is going through more than a lot of women could endure in their marriage and I never thought she was a woman who could go through half of it. She is tired, close to depression and I just don’t know what to do. She let her kids go really wild during sacrament meeting. they made so much noise that it became hard for everyone to hear the speakers. But nobody “SAID” anything.
She quickly changed her place and went to this sister I have a hard time with. The sister took her in her arms where she cried while her kids were running everywhere. She just behaved liek they were not hers, not even looked at them and tried to listen to the talks. And the most wonderfull thing happened in a quiet way that I need to write down because I never want to forget it. All the sisters of the RS who did not have to take care of younger ones just took upon them to calm her children down and relieve her from this repsonsability that is supposed to be hers.
I am not talking about this “let try to keep them quiet” attitude. I am talking about a RELIEF SOCIETY thing. You know…a society that is intended to relieve you from whatever you are suffering from as much as this society is able to.
I have seen the work of love taking place.

The lady saw it also. I don’t know if she will get baptized but I am sure that there are good chances that she will.

2 thoughts on “RS

  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience. I’m glad to see your Relief society stepped up to the plate during this instance. There is hope for them after all? I’m sure their intentions are good the rest of the time as well, they’re just falling short in the area’s where you really would like to see them doing better. I hope you stick with it, and give them yet another chance. Of course, the most important meeting of the week is Sacrament meeting anyway, so I think if you decide ultimately to forgo RS Meeting, at least you’re getting the most important part of the week by attending Sacrament.
    Hope you have a great week ahead!

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