I am not a child

But I feel like it. Not that I am immature or whatever it is just that I am realizing how much I need to improve and in this way I feel like a child. Not that I have thought I was perfect before, it is more the fact that I can see now where I need to improve. I used to feel stuck and frustrated because I did not feel the fields I need to get better in. Yet I knew I was not perfect. So I felt stuck.

This patience problem is something I am enjoying. I am not an impatient person but I did not picture my self as specifically patient either. Let’s say that I had no problem with daily stuff but I had not faced something really important since I was a child. So I never had an opportunity like this one to improve. I know this is not wise but if it were possible I would love this time to last forever. Yet I also enjoy the fact that it will end and therefore my learning time is going to end also so I need to work hard before it is too late. I am really blessed to have this understanding. I have the feeling that I can see ahead. Not far but enough to understand a few important things.

I used to be able to have a global vision of the big picture. The thing is that to have a global vision of it you nee to get “higher” and thus you lack details. I remember the big picture and I don’t need it anymore now I want details I want to understand how everything works and for this I need to work on myself harder. I love it. I don’t have the feeling that it is hard. Actually it is really not hard if you do it regurlarly and if you follow some simple rules. These rules are not there to be burdens on or shoulder, they are there to make the burdens easier on us so we can work or way back to our Heavenly Father.
It is all clear now. These are not just words to me anymore, these are simple truths.

1 thought on “I am not a child

  1. I look at these words a structure and fences to keep us safe. Safe as little Children, because hat is what we are.

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