My neighbor

I have the sweetest neighbors.

One of them is a young mom. I invited her to come and look through stuff that the american student has left because she could not bring everything back home. She left tones of stuff and I knew my neighbor needed it a lot more than I did. I mean I took a thing or two that I reeeeeallyyyy need such as stamps and the back pack but I left most of the nice stuff because I did not want her to go through pretty much “garbage”. She deserves better than second hand cool stuff. I mean cool is cool. It is just that I wish I could do a lot for her.

This makes me think of how I was raised about material belongings: take what you need, take even a little just to make yourself happy but don’t keep everything for yourself. People in need deserve nice and pretty stuff also.

When I was a child my mother’s best friends were not extremly rich, they were pretty much ok but compared to us they were rich. One year they saved to go to a ski resort. I don’t know how much it is in the US but it is expensive in France. So it was the two of them plus their three children for one week. Yet they saved more to take me with them. They paid for lessons to learn to ski for one week and they paid for me to pass my first little skiing degree (we call it “snow flake”).
This is not only one of my best memory. It is also one of my favorite lesson.

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