Poor, poor GAs!

Alright, for once I am lucky to live in Europe.
This week end was “combined stake conference”.

22 stakes all over Europe were combined to have conference in the mean time. So on saturday we all had our first session where we lived but then on sunday mornings we had “stake” conference with GA’s. The thing is that these poor GA had to do it in the middle of the night for us to do it at a decent time!
It is not like they are getting any younger either.
Can you imagine having to wake up and get ready in the middle of the night for our stake conference and then go back to sleep to have your sunday meetings?

Dear Heavenly Father, I would like not to ever be a GA please, thank you. I really like to sleep. This is one good thing about having been excommunicated, you don’t really want a RS general president with such a record, do you?

It was a great a wonderful week end that I will have a heard time writing about. It is difficult to write about ONE thing, you know how it is. I can talk about superficial things hoping you will get the spirit of how it went but hard to talk about ony one thing.
Oh I forgot to mention that we did something “special” in our stake, or maybe it was everywhere but I don’t think it was. Anyway, what happened is that since there would not be room enough for the whole stake at the stake center (we usually have stake conference in a conference room that the church rents) we were sent to different wards who could have us. So the whole ward moved for one week end a few miles away. We were host by the members who treated us litterally like family. They made a buffet for us that was really amazing because not only did they cook but they also tried to make it pretty.
I felt a little bad. Come on! I grew up in the church and I know that the members don’t mind and are happy to serve. But I thought it would have been nice of us to bring a little something. Like we could have made pies and bring it. Nope! They had treated us like guests and did not even really let us do the dishes.

Ok, do you get a little of the spirit?

1 thought on “Poor, poor GAs!

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the conference. It sounds like it turned out better than you had expected. I’m glad.
    ON a different note, I will definitely have to suggest to my Haley that she try the cheese in France. :o)

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