I think it is time now

I have read some very interesting things lately about the “first vision”, Joseph Smith’s account of it and BoM matters.

It was very enlightning and a few years ago I would have said it was very exciting. I love to learn and to know and to understand. Any learning subject is a thrill to me specially when my religion meets “logical” reasonning.

I only have one tiny issue about it which spoils my fun. Where is their testimony? Are they bothered by it? Is it because they don’t have any in the subject they are discussing? I am not saying that discussing the first vision should be a taboo. I have none and I don’t intend to have one in any field. I just think that we can all have our version of what “scientifically” happened and it won’t change the face of the world. What will change it is our testimony and what we do with it.

So just for the record I want to share here my testimony about the first vision.

When I was on my mission our mission president wanted us to give a presentation to members. It was a powerfull tool that I feel was inpired to help members to share the gospel with their friends. I have a few funny stories about how members reacted. It was scary because if done according exactly how we had been instructed it totally forced the spirit (if it is possible) in homes and members just could not resist. Yet we had to do a good follow up after and I am sorry to say that we did not always did so.

Anyway, in the presentation one of us had to say by heart the first vision.

We were at a sister’s place and things were going smoothly. She was paying attention and did not look like she was bothered by these two sisters who were obvioulsy going to make her do something tough.

I started: ” When the light rested upon me…” And I just could not go further. I had been feeling “weird” for the past minutes and as I said these words I knew it was true. I could not say a word and I just cried. I tried hard to go on but the more I tried the strongest the feeling was. I apologized to the sister because obviously, not being me, she could not understand what was going on. She softly said that it was ok. I think she understood what was happening to me.

I am sorry to tell those who spent time trying to prove that it is wrong and that he lied that I know for myself it is true. I had the strongest feeling that I had been there and that I had witnessed him. I know this part is not true, though. Don’t worry. I am not going to go off with my own little mormon cult. It is just that I know and that there is nothing else I can say on the matter. I don’t know why God wanted me to feel so powerfully this testimony that I have the feeling that I have been there. I don’t know why there are slightly different accounts of it (although I have my own theory about it). But I know this is true and I wish everybody could know that God can appeare to a teenager who sincerly turns to him, that it happened and that it can happen again if God thinks it is necessary because the full gospel has been restored.

We can discuss forever of the mean our Heavenly Father used for this to happen but it won’t change much to the fact that:

1) we won’t know for sure how He did it

2) it happened anyway

3) I know this is true: God and Jesus appeared to a teen who was later called to translate the Book of Mormon. No matter what we try to analyze with our little means and knowledge it happened still.

Anyway, no matter what I have been through, what I have thought and what I have done. I never doubted that this experience I have been through was a gift from our Heavenly Father to testify to me that something wonderfull had been brought to humanity. I hope that if you don’t understand what I am talking about you will ask directly to the source for a personnal knowledge of it.

1 thought on “I think it is time now

  1. I too have a testimony of The First Visionand the revealing of the BoM. Without a doubt, I know it is true.
    Thank you for sharing yours.

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