Who is the happiest girl in the world?


My stake president eventually aknowleged my existence!

Who got a phone call from him this morning? And who missed it and was pissed because she had not felt her cell phone nor heard it when he actually called just one minute after she had checked it to know what time it was (she was on her way to work and her cell phone was in her pocket)? Who bought extra credit to contact him? Who sent him a text message so he knows that she wants to meet him? who is trying…no….who is succeeding in not getting offended by something innocent he said and that she first totally twisted? Who is succeeding in her efforts about him? Who is eventually glad that she gets to meet him not because she will get re-baptized but because this will be the time or never to forgive him for being so stupid? Who is trying her best to get ready for this interview?



That would be me I guess.

And just for the record: he called me today when I know that my bishop called him last sunday to check with him when we could meet. Yes…there is really nothing evil about him. Just a dangerous lack of awarness.

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