I don’t want to go to work

What a spiritual way to start a post!
I don’t want to go to work tomorrow because I love spending time quietly at home reading my scriptures or reading over the net different blogs dealing about different things related to the gospel. I get much to ponder about, much questions to ask myself.
I have a hard time going to bed even though I know I deal poorly with lack of sleep. I am such a child. I wonder if I am truly being immature or if I am just excited.
I started Mosiah these past days and funny enough there was a passage that I should have felt was directed to me but I thought of my father instead. I know everybody likes to say that he could repent.
Yes he could but he won’t. Most of the time people who have never met him loves to lecture me about hope and repentance. I love lecture… it enables me to separate idiots from humble and nice people.
Dang my old sarcasm habit is back!
Anyway I have been a little nervous these past days. My mother wants to come to spend the last week end of the month at my place. Which is fine with me but the fact that she is more than going to get a hint when she sees me dressing up to go to church. So I have two choices left: either I don’t go (and I hate this thought) or I dress up on saturday also so as to blur the picture (and this is going to be a stretch).
I guess I know what I should do.
I wish things were easier. But I have no other choice, do I? So I might as well find a way to deal with it the best I can. I wish I had someone to call just to let it out. At least I have this blog :o)

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