Sweet Bishop is spending two weeks at the temple. Smart of him since it takes like four hours to get there, you might want stay for a good time. Besides I think he hopes to get enough strength to help his family and if I could I would do the same.

Now….what about my case?

I honestly believe that my bishop did everything he was supposed to, he was in the army forever, but just forgot to call me when he was supposed to, he is getting old. I really believe that the stake president is not doing his job the way he should. Not that he does not do anything. Just that he does not set the right priorities. I am not talking about how I feel now and my situation. I am talking about other events that lead me to believe that he has been called to this position more for his own improvement than for our own good.

But it is ok. After all I swore again and again that I wanted to come back and that was not going to stumble over the same rock and that nothing would stop me from getting back in the church no matter if it’d take one year and no matter whose fault it would be. Now it is the time to prove everybody and Heavenly Father first that I meant it. I am actually happy. I feel frustrated and happy. Weird, hu? Frustrated because I want to see things done even if it takes forever and I am not seeing them being done. I only have to trust that they are. I am bad at trusting in case you have not noticed. And I am happy because I get a chance to prove I meant it when I commited myself. I get a chance to prove I can make the right choice by myself and getting my strength to hold on from the right sources.

So on the whole, even if I want to cry because of the feeling of frustration I must say that it is an important little sunday today.

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