The last 24 hours

Were the best in my life since a long time.

I knew my uncle and my aunt were coming to see my mother and I did not know if I could afford to go there too to see them. Then my mother told me they had asked after me so I said I’d come.
So first the day did not start that well since I miss my train and yesterday being a hollyday there was no other train before a long time. So my uncle drove to get me and this morning they drove me back. So I can get the money for my ticket back. This is always good when you’re broke.

But it is not the most important.

Everything was just so good. I felt loved, I felt I belong to a family that is far from being perfect but it is mine and they want me to be a part of it. They are so many issues about my mother’s love that I am not going to start. But let’s say that whenever I get a chance to be in contact or to actually be with my family I just feel that they are people somewhere who have known me since a long time and who care for me. It is funny because although they don’t know me as much as a lot of people do they are the ones who never make me feel like I am just an extention of my mother. I have the feeling that I exist as a person and not as someone else’s child.

Their presence enabled me to tell my sisters about our family, their presence help the atmosphere to be one in which the message could go through better.

When I was a child I loved my uncle more than my aunt who has never been mean to me. She loved me from the begining. It is just that she is kind of cold and tough. She has a hard time expressing her emotions so whenever she does one should hold it dear. But once you understand how she works you realize that she is a very affectionnate person. Actually the story when I was born is that my aunt, who had just been back from Lebanon, ran to the hospital (I was the first grand child and I remained the only one for a long time) and my mother made her believe their was something wrong with me. This did not make my aunt laugh at all.

It is funny because there are so many “no stories” I can tell. Like since I came back from my mission everytime I saw them it seemed that my uncle was always the one drawing the attention and making noise and whetever you can imagine. And my aunt is always here, quiet, she would be unnoticed if she were not my aunt. I realize that all the memories I have of her are picture like. No sound….

Anyway it has been so hectic that I had a hard time keeping up with my payers and scriptures. But I did :o)

(post started the previous day on friday!!!!)

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