I can’t get hold of my bishop and it is making me a little nervous. I know he cares about me and that he is probably busy with some family issue. His son (who was my bishop before him and therefore the one I had when I got excommunicated) is going through a horrible time. I love him with all my heart and I was affraid that this was coming. My mother and I have been seeing it coming for years but it is the kind of thing you cannot tell. You cannot be like ” hey T! You know what? I think that your wife has some big issues about being your wife and all that it implies. She also should consider getting some help because her daughter obsession is really getting to a worrying level” he is the sweetest man on Earth and one of the best bishop I had in my life.
I am sad. Really sad for him. the worse is that he is left with the five boys (from almost 5 to almost 15) and one having down syndrome. I need to tell that they are also lost waaaaay in the country side. The only good news is that his closest neighbors are his parents a.k.a my bishop and his wife.
So last sunday I did not ask to talk to him so as not to take any of his time and I decided not to call him right away. But the previous sunday he was supposed to call me back after having called the stake president about my file…..
No call.
I want to know!
I don’t care waiting as long as they want. I just want to know what is going on.
Anyway, book club time so I’d better go.

Added the following day: I think he is gone. It is like impossible to reach him. I don’t dare to call his daughter to ask her if she knows where her father is because it is going to look very odd. No point calling the son that lives right by him since he must be at work and I don’t have the phone number of the other son. Gosh he should have had more children! what’s a mormon family with only three kids? Oh! I forgot….we’re in France not in Utah.

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