Time out

The more I try to read my scriptures the more I need it. Like this week I turned to it twice just because I needed it.

This morning I finished 2 Nephi and I really love the last chapter. It touched me so much that I had the feeling I could hear his voice.

Anyway these few minutes of pondering on a spiritual subject helps me during the day more than I thought it would and this morning “time out” was something I really needed today.

I work in a high school. I am not a teacher. My job is about relationship with the kids, passing on informations, making sure the rules are followed or entertaining the students. This morning my co-worker told me that he got in trouble because “an information was not passed on”. It was a very important one.


It is just that the teachers did not bother taking a look at the form that he had filled.

This really makes me mad. This is what I have experienced over the past few years: you do your best to do the second mile and people try to put tumbling block over your path just with the first mile. This co-worker is much respected by the kids and does a great job. Something screwed up and they blamed it on him when it was not his fault at all.

I really need to find another one. Not just for my mental health sake but also be cause I make so little money that paying tithing will mean not being able to buy groceries and I don’t feel like relying on the ward for it. So here are TWO good reasons to find a new job.

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