Coming to think of this

I would have felt hurt before if the bishop had told me to basically “go seek help somewhere else”. I think I would have been kind of right and although I think that he could have said things a different way I think he made me face in a very blunt way that there is no way I can be perfect by the time I get baptized just because it is not the point of it.

It is not like I have thought about becoming perfect or believed I should be perfect by the time I get rebaptized. I have understood that the path is more important than the pace. But I cannot help falling back into my old flaws.

My issue these days is also that I want to do more to be ready I want to prove our Heavenly Father that I mean it. I know it is stupid because it is not like He does not know me. Yeah I know what you might think or want to tell me: “keep cool, breath deep, relaxe”.


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