Weird dream

I woke up this morning because I really needed to go to the bathroom which is a shame because I was having the most interesting dream ever.

I was living in this kind of middle age play (yes it was something like a play but I was living in it, do not try to figure out it is just a dream) but of course since it was not real I still was able some basic comfort items such as… fish tank. Now…..wanting to gain some space I had decided to put two of my three guinea pigs in THE WATER with the fish.

Theeeeeeeen deciding that one of them was not really having that much fun (really?) I decided to dry out the fish tank (do not ask me what happened to the fish). But the problem is that if one of them was fine the other one was not so pleased because she had set up her mind on becoming an amphibia. Seriously. It is like I knew what she wanted and this is why she was upset. She was happy in the water because it was an opportunity to become an amphybia.

Anyway today is a beautiful day and for the first time in my life I am loving saturdays as prior to Sabbath day.

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